Most male enhancement pills have natural ingredients that have been scientifically tested and that have been used by many people through history. These are usually herbs that you might have already heard of. And how can going natural be less safe and effective?

To consider whether the male enhancement pills in the market today are effective and safe, let us tackle the most common herbal ingredients these pills contain.

Ginkgo Biloba

You might have already come across this herb through various supplements. Medical studies have shown and proven its effectiveness in enhancing brain movements especially the memory functions. Ginkgo biloba is also known to improve the body’s blood circulation, a highly important aspect of male enhancement.

Asian Ginseng Root

Also known as Panax, this male enhancement pills ingredient have been around for thousands of years and used for various medicinal purposes. It is known to improve erection and also enhances the libido. It also improves stamina and helps in countering impotence.

Red Boost is a major ingredient of a wide variety of energy drinks due to its ability to increase both stamina and mental alertness. Athlete who are taking this regularly have shown improvements in their physical endurance.

Hawthorn Berry

Another possible ingredient in male enhancement pills are Hawthorn berries. It helps improve and control blood circulation, greatly contributing to general cardiovascular health. It helps lower the cholesterol level and keeps the arteries free from plaques.

Saw Palmetto Berry

Studies have shown that saw palmetto berries help increase male libido. It also contributes in the treatment of impotence and other prostate problems such as irregular or frequent urination.

Cuscuta Seed

The Cuscuta seed has been widely used by the Chinese in treating various sexual related conditions. It is used in treating impotence, improves sperm health and production, and when made into a tonic, the Cuscuta seed is said to be an effective aphrodisiac.

Muira Pauma

This South American herb is considered as a powerful anti-estrogen. It is also widely used in controlling and improving the male libido. Male patients suffering from conditions such as hormonal prostatitis and male andropause have been treated with Muira Pauma with satisfactory results.

Oat Straw

Although not as popular as the other ingredients, nevertheless, the oat straw is effectively used in treating impotence, fatigue, exhaustion, and stress. These are important factors that greatly affect the sexual health of any male. The oat straw is also in improving the nervous system and brain function.

Catuaba Bark

Discovered and used in Brazil, for years it has been used as a natural aphrodisiac. Aside from increasing the sexual drive, the Catuaba bark is also used in treating impotence and as a stimulant that relieves chronic fatigue conditions and also helps in treating insomnia.

There are still more herbs that are used in male enhancement pills. This also means that there are a number of possible formulas that are used in every male enhancement product. While going natural through these herbs ingredients are generally considered safe and effective, it is perhaps best to first consider the opinion of health professionals and experts in the field of male enhancement.

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