Many of you would not even be thinking about this before you start a business, but you actually should; about the true mobility and portability of your business. i. e. How easy is it to take your business somewhere regionally different and still continue operating exactly the way it is?

Think about this, you have a wonderful retail shop space that is churning you millions a year. However, your child is attending college which is very far away. Or you have an aging parent who is bed-ridden and how you wish to be around them? How lovely  online shopping sites in pakistan   would it be if you could move the store to where you would love to be, not lose your customers, maintain your costs and keep em all the way they are? With an online business, you can do exactly that. Whether you are relocating or even migrating to another part of the world entirely, your online business can continue running exactly the way it has been. After all, all that you would need is an internet connection and a computer. Truly, which other business medium can allow you to do so?

Ok, i know that title doesn’t really make sense. The over-zealous writer in me took over for a second! Actually, what it means is that the Backend of your online store is nothing like the back End of your offline store. Surely the back End where your staff is seating would make sense in the title now? Umm, nevermind! The beauty of an online business is that the entire system can be setup, programmed, customized and working like a well-oiled engine, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and i have to complete it, 365 days a year.

Now, imagine that same setup, with your staff in place for your systems. I come from an operational capacity in my working experience and we know how difficult it is to get the most out of your staff, exactly the way you want it, every time, all the time! Staff motivation, office politics, medical leave, sick leave and all that headache! Plus i haven’t even started comparing the cost benefits. Don’t get me wrong. I am not stating that manpower can be completely replaced with systems. That would be ludicrous. What I am stating is that a certain degree(if not all, depending on your type of business) of your backend admin operations can be taken care by your systems. With ready made scripts, outsourced development houses and freelance developers, even the costs would favour your preference for such setups.

This is where the true power of internet and its beauty takes centre stage. You can spend your entire efforts setting up your online business from your home, your basement or like some success stories, from your university campus. Once your business has been launched and the website is out in the public, it has a truly global out reach. When i had setup my first online webhosting business, I had received orders from Turkey, Pakistan, Spain and even Madagascar(pardon my ignorance, I never knew such a country existed until then). That was when i realized I have a truly global business in my hands and the sheer proliferation and abundance of audience and lack of regional barriers that made awe-struck. Never mind me, think of ebay, Google and many other successful online businesses that had a very humble beginning. Would we dare question their success now?

Let’s face it. Don’t we read about reports and come across stores and even malls that close down due to lack of traffic or some other communal activities that happen around them that cause that? Wouldn’t it be such a lift of pressure and provide sheer motivation if you knew that your store has a potential of the whole world coming to it? Imagine that for a moment; billions of eyeballs are checking your store out and your cash machine going ka-ching all the time! Hallelujah!

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