Every good quality article comes with an informative resource box. This is an important part of article writing, although somewhat taken for granted by most writers. The resource box is a brief description of the author and a valid link back to the web site. The resource box assists in leading the article reader to the business or product, thus generating internet traffic to the site.

So, how do you write a resource box for your articles? It should contain the necessary information so that the interested reader can further contact you in case they want to communicate with you. Every resource box should include:

1.The author’s name

It is amazing to know that most authors forget to recognize themselves as the author. Give a brief description of yourself, your hobbies and other fun tidbits. Don’t go overboard by sharing your autobiography; keep it short and sweet.

2.Your business web site library resource sharing 

The article should always provide the valid link of the business web site of the product or business establishment you are promoting. This way, traffic will come in to the site so that the readers can learn more about the product.

3.Your call to action

Give your readers the advantage of knowing what’s in it for them. Give them answers why and how they should try out the product or service the article is promoting. ‘Lead’ them to visit your web site. This is the part where you ‘ask for the sale’.

4.Your contact information

Although not necessary, you can include your business office phone number and email address so the people can reach you easily for queries and concerns.

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