Familiarization with the various betting types will help you make better betting decisions.

Here is a list of horse betting types:

Across the board – This is a bet on the horse to show, place and win. If the horse comes in first, the player wins three ways. If it comes in second, the player wins two ways and if the horse gets third placing, the player only wins one way. The horse has to at least come in third for the player to win anything.

Bridge jumper – This type of bet is used to refer to an unusually large bet that is placed on a single horse. The name is a humorous one, for it infers that the player will jump off the bridge if the horse loses. The amount is usually $100,000 and above.

Daily double – This is a popular bet type that calls for the winners of two consecutive races. For instance, the player must bet on two winning horses in the first and second race in horse race malaysia order to win. Guessing the winner of a single race is hard enough. Try guessing two winners!

Dead heat – It is very rare for horses to come in first at the same time. Usually, winners can be determined by using photo separation. (i.e. separate the horses based on the photos taken at the finishing line). However, in rare cases, winners cannot be determined. Players who bet on dead heat will win in such cases.

Exacta (or Perfecta) – In this type of bet, the player must choose the first two winning horses of the same race. For example, the horses that he bet on must come in first and second. Otherwise, he loses the bet. This is a very popular type of bet.

In the money: This betting type is similar to Exacta. However, the player will be betting on three horses instead of two. In other words, the horses must get all three of the top positions – first, second and third for the player to win.

Lock – This is an informal word that is used to mean that the bet is a sure win. Use this word in conversations if you want to sound like a horse betting expert!

On the nose – This means betting a horse to win only.

Place – The horse takes second position at finish.

Place bet – The player places a bet for the horse to finish first or second.

Show – The wager is for the horse to come in at third place.

Place six (or more) – This type of bet includes choosing the winners of all the races for the day. If there are 6 races, then all the winners for the 6 races must be chosen. That is why this wager is called a place six. If there are more races, the name can be place seven and so on.

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