American University, Washington, D.C.Granada was also conquered by the Christians and in 1951; the University of Granada was founded. This was an initiative taken by the then Emperor Carlos V. This is how Granada found its first educational institution and this university was open to the different people Automobile News and their beliefs and cultures. The University of Granada followed the traditions of the Arab University of Yusuf I.

The University of Granada is considered amongst the oldest universities in the world and is probably the oldest in Andalucia. It has an impeccable record and a history that can be dated back to 475 years. Ovet these years this Costa Tropical University has had a tremendous influence over the social and cultural environment of Granada. Over a period spanning five centuries, the University of Granada slowly grew to become the cultural and intellectual nucleus of Southern Spain.

Today, the University of Granada is considered to be one of the most committed institutions of the world. The university has evolved and today it is defined as a center that provides service to the society through teaching and research. In the last couple of years, the University of Granada in Costa Tropical has grown tremendously under the protection of the university autonomy and the LRU and is ranked among the top universities in the world as well as Spain. The astral universe has a sub program that ties etheric items into its many etheric localities. These etheric bodies tie the physical world into functioning physical reality, wherein each physical item is originally placed to a fixed or semi fixed locality from which physical items can be moved and relocated by natural forces operating on the etheric plane or by the efforts of physical biological creatures that affect things in their physical setting. The etheric plane thus keeps inventory and track of all things and creatures and keep these in a permanent record by processes of the higher protocols in the hierarchy of programs that constitute physical reality.

As one can see, the uninitiated gross physical human being and animal creature are only aware of the physical display and habitation. He is a totally ignorant creature that over large stretches of time can rely on a store of semi-reliable information and data collected over many life times to kind of feel secure and anchored into its observable physical setting/habitat. These creatures have no idea how this whole physical display with them as integral beings in it is projected and kept in suspension. It is all too miraculous for them. To the creature, physical reality is all there is and it is a dangerous, untrustworthy environment to be in- -and in the end the creature dies, not knowing what good his life has been and what the purpose was of its life and its death.

The summary of this discussion is that everything we know as physical creatures or as more initiated metaphysical beings is spiritual make-believe. We are as-dead to reality, and so we dream up an alternate reality in which to at least be. Because of the fact that a non-initiate cannot see any relation between himself and spirit, this creature is lost, even in universal reality. He really does not know how his immediate surroundings fit in a larger setting of the continent, the globe, the solar system and its galaxy. Even if it would know, it is lost because whatever he can find out physically or metaphysically is all tied to a fictitious dream existence. Nothing is true and nothing is real because fiction does not fit in any manner or form into true reality.

So, if i am told by meta-physicians that i can place a mental image of my aura’s backside before me so that I can scan and heal my chakras and internal organs, I say, of course, in make-believe you can do anything you want, but whatever you do does not anchor you in the place where you belong because your entire belief system is based on a spiritual lie. That lie took away our sense of reality and replaced it with a mere dream of vicious existence in earth where dog eat dog, and where everyone must kill in order to maintain a seeming physical self.

The following must then be true too. If one dies physically, one must reincarnate in order to again have a place to be. As long as the soul is in a coma, it cannot return to reality, and because it is still wired into the computer system and into the dictates of the program its potential and its entity use as soul is caught in the system and soul thus will reincarnate and be born again a physical creature; next time, maybe, not as a human being but as a slaughter animal such as beef or pork.

Metaphysicians agree that universal existence is all based on make-believe, but it all works out great in the universal environment. They would, though strongly oppose the validity of my thesis. Every creature in the world is spiritually brainwashed to believe that physical existence is all there is. I know that i am right; and that what I know is not based on make believe. My wife and i are thus a category unto ourselves. We can thus view ourselves as a regenerated sort of Adam and Woman and we are still one.

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