We all worry about how we would survive if the unthinkable were to happen. Where would we get the survival gear, survival food and emergency information that we need? The nightmare morphs into reality when there are small children to care for. Many parents try to shut out those horrific thoughts. What can they do to prepare without having to spend many hundreds of dollars and give up valuable storage space. Fortunately there is such a source. It is as convenient as entering The Survival Gear Source.

The ease of navigating the site allows visitors to quickly decide what they need. Among the hundreds of items available, the very reasonably priced 72 hour survival kits are an eye catcher. The one and two person 72 hour survival kits can be carried in the car. They contain emergency survival warmth, light, food and drinking water if (or when) there are repeat scenerios such as the huge winter traffic back-up on I-78 in PA . This kit would allow a person to survive in the car, in relative comfort, for a few days. Just imagine a young mother with two young children in that situation. What a thoughtful Mother’s Day gift these 72 hour survival kits would make!

Christine Cederquist, owner of Survival Gear Source, studied Criminal Justice and worked for twelve years at the Union County Department of Corrections. She and her food preppers husband, who works with Homeland Security, have three young sons, and live in the New York metropolitan area. Chris’s vision is to provide survival gear and emergency supplies at a reasonable price for individuals and whole families. Chris stated, “We can’t expect someone else to take care of us and our kids in the days following a catastrophe. Survial Gear Source can provide everything from survival food like MREs to survival tools, and the products are surprisingly inexpensive.”

Our infrastructure has become strained, and smooth functioning highways, electrical grids, communication networks, and food supplies can suddenly, without warning, crumble into chaos. We all have a responsibility to take care of ourselves in the hours or days following a tornado, hurricane, earthquake or terrorist attack. Emergency survival gear and survival food can make the difference between life and death.

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